Booking our Facilities

The Church is willing for our facilities to be used by local community organisations when not required for the activities of the Church. 

Accessibility: Access to all parts of the buildings is without steps.  

Lettings are available for morning, afternoon and evening sessions.  Preference is given to regular bookings, e.g. weekly or monthly for a period. 

Policy: The church has a policy of not letting rooms for occasional parties or meetings which involve refreshments. Users of the building will be required to sign an agreement, which includes the need for insurance and appropriate safeguarding of children.


The Church has fixed seating in pews for about 140 people and can accommodate more with additional seating. It not available on Sundays and some Tuesday evenings. It is appropriate for concerts, as well as baptisms, weddings and funeral which should be arranged directly with the Minister, Rev Ruth Dillon.

The New Hall measures 116 sq. m. / 1200 sq.ft. (8.1m x 15m) and contains chairs and tables for varied uses and a piano.   There is direct access to the kitchen. It is normally available:

  • Monday mornings
  • Friday afternoons and evenings
  • Saturday evenings
  • Some Sundays

The Old Hall measures 122 sq. m. / 1300 sq.ft. (9.7m x 14m)  Chairs, some tables and a piano are available. It is normally available:

  • Monday evenings
  • Friday evenings
  • Some Saturdays
  • Some Sundays

Smaller meeting rooms are available, but their use is limited because of access through the halls.

Click here to make an enquiries about booking any of the facilities.